Let's Help McDowell County

Donate food, clothing, and supplies

Discovering McDowell County

Narration by Richard Zaher

During one of our BYBM meetings, I mentioned to one of our directors, Julie O'Brien that we should do an act of kindness in West Virginia. Before I could finish my sentence, she said McDowell County, and that it was the poorest county in America. She suggested that we do something to help them out. I looked up the county on the internet and realized that the people there are suffering due to the loss of coal jobs and two major floods in the early 2000s. We decided that the best method would be to get in touch with a local priest in the county and get some guidance from them on how we can assist. After calling many churches, I finally got in touch with Father Tony, a pastor in a church in Welch, McDowell County.

BYBM is based in Loudoun County, the wealthiest county in the USA - about a five and a half hour drive from Welch. After a few lengthy conversations, Father Tony invited me to come and stay with him at the church. I made a plan to drive up there and meet him. I also loaded a truck full of food as the church held a food drive every few weeks to distribute food and clothes to those in need around the area.

I departed on Monday, 11th March to head out to McDowell County. I wanted to speak to the locals and to learn first-hand what they were going through and what help would benefit them the most. I planned to spend a night at the church and return the next day. Here is my experience with the wonderful people of Welch. You can hear in their own words in the video above about the challenges they are facing and what help they need.

The people of McDowell county are in urgent need of food, clothing and daily necessities. If you would like to help out, then please see below on how you can contribute.

How can I help McDowell County?

Best You Best Me is conducting a food and supplies drive where we will fill a truck in Loudoun County and drive it to McDowell county on June 9, 2019. If you would like to help, here’s how you can contribute.

Items needed for donation

  • Food - non-perishable
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bedding
  • Blankets & sleeping bags
  • Shoes and boots
  • Diapers all sizes
  • Clothing in good condition

Dropoff Locations:

  • Leesburg Executive Airport - Main Terminal Lobby
    1001 Sycolin Rd SE, Leesburg, VA 20175
  • 21035 Courtland Village Drive, Leesburg, VA 20175
  • 21030 Courtland Village Drive, Leesburg, VA 20175

Cash contributions

Cash donations will be used to purchase food, diapers, and pay for the truck rental. Corporations or individuals donating 500 USD and more will receive an honorable mention in the distribution video.

Donate via PayPal using the link below.


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