Make a Difference

Let's make this world a better place for future generations

Here are some ways in which you can make a difference in the world.

Be kind

Make a difference by being kind to yourself and to those around you. Be kind to all animals, and all beings at all times. Be kind not only when you need something, or on religious occasions, but be kind every month, every week, every day, every minute, and with every thought.

I want to show the world how kind, intelligent and generous a human being can be.

Maya Angelou

Kindness is an act that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

Mark Twain

Be kind with your words to others. Be kind with your actions when the opportunities present themselves in day to day life. Open doors for people. Let someone go in front of you in line to be helpful if needed.

Give more

Giving is receiving. Blessed are the giver, receiver, and witness of a kind act. Give to yourself by taking good care of yourself. By taking care of yourself you are improving the collective good health and wellbeing of human kind.

Give in every way you can when possible and within your means. Helping others will only help you. We save ourselves by saving others. The giving process will change you for the better, spiritually. You will feel the embodiment of blessings within you.

Show gratitude

Be grateful. Hug your family, pets, and friends. Tell them how special they are. Send a kind note of appreciation and gratitude to the people who have always been there for you.

Three billion people on the face of the earth go to bed hungry every night, but four billion people go to bed every night hungry for a simple word of encouragement and recognition.

Robert Cavett

Help others rise to become the best versions of themselves by letting them know what you like about them and why you’re grateful for them. Shine your light on other people’s potential gifts so they can see themselves better and become better.

Seek to become the best version of yourself by seeking to become a person of value.

Help out in your community

Participate in spreading kindness within your locality. Here are some activities that you can organize or participate in for the betterment of your local community.

  1. Volunteer during a community clean-up day.
  2. Be a blood donor.
  3. Be a good, sincere, and patient listener.
  4. Donate the clothes and shoes you never wear knowing someone will appreciate them.
  5. Visit or volunteer at a local homeless shelter and try to increase just one person’s self-worth.
  6. Sign up to make well-check calls at a senior center – then maybe visit those people who have no one to look in on them.
  7. Give your kids your undivided attention.
  8. Be kind to all animals.
  9. Donate dog or cat food to the local pet shelter – and maybe even take along some homemade cookies for shelter volunteers.
  10. Take donuts and coffee to a local hospice for the angels who work there.

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Make a Difference

Learn how you can make a difference in your local community.

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