James Monroe Highway Riverside Clean Up Project

by Richard Zaher / Nov 24, 2018

James Monroe Highway Riverside Clean Up Project

Going out to do a clean up is always a challenge initially when it’s supposed to rain. We ended up going in the rain and just as we finished it started pouring – perfect timing. This was Best You Best Me’s 4th clean up this month.

Thank you to the amazing Transplant Brothers for coming out and cleaning up in the rain. Thank you, Dave Morgan, and thank you Juan Arevalo of Recycle Life.org.

Thank you for a very memorable day, gentlemen. You inspire me!

We ended up picking up and recycling 320 lbs of waste including 1 truck tire, an inflatable mattress, a large pillow, and 12 bags of bottles, cans, and cups. 

As we were leaving Dave turned around and said, “Look we transformed this area, looks totally different.”

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